A website of Ella Furness' research, illustrations and other projects.

Unpublished illustrations

I’ve been drawing pictures ever since I have had to sit still for any period of time.
Here are some that I like.

This is from my A-level biology notes. Look! I know all about the theory of reproduction.
Not that I’m showing off or anything. No.

W egg and sprerm

Later I worked at the brilliant Growing Communities in the late 1990s and drew some pictures when I was supposed to be ordering vegetables. On the theme of running veggie box schemes.

W Running from bees

W gardening with worm

W Growing houses

W Packer

W Sitter

And here is last one, a poster I did for an event,
I wish I actually wrote letters like the one to Land Rover.
I’m far more polite in real life.

W Letters