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Black and white cartoons

A better politics (2)

Below are cartoons about inequality from Danny Dorling’s A Better Politics
(which you should read, obvs.)



Man at the top

Man at the top


Horrabin Man at the top


This is based on J.Frank Horrabin‘s original drawn during the Great Depression. The most obvious modern changes are the ipad and a woman (although I hear women are not a newfangled invention).


Trickle down economics


Bankers verus careworkers

Bankers V Careworker







Here are my calculations, and a stray barista. It must be exhausting being a investment banker, but I bet it’s not actually as hard as doing the work of 11 careworkers.










Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Regarding the bottom layer of needs, I get that we are highly motivated to obtain these things because we’d die without the ability to breathe, excrete, and maintain homeostasis. I’ve heard to that we die if we have no access to food or water, and we begin hallucinating without sleep,…but sex? Did Maslow really think that sex is as necessary as breathing? Apparently.

I think a nice cup of tea is surely more important.
Take that Maslow.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs